About Trauhui

Company Profile:

Trauhui was founded in 2009. The headquarters is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province also know as ” The Hometown of Chinese Orthopaedics”. Since 2013, Trauhui adjusted its strategic direction, committed to the development and manufacturing of Orthopaedic medical device products. With the booming the Orthopaedic industry in China as well as around the world, Trauhui has also been pushing its limits to develop new technologies rapidly to match the global demand, gradually formed and perfected the trauma and spine product line development, increased production and improved sales and after-sales service.

Trauhui adheres to the internationalization strategy, committed to making a foothold in China, as well as around the world by being an international multinational group. Under the guidance of this strategy, Trauhui has successfully acquired a Hong Kong medical device company, and a professional orthopedic factory in Hungary in the year 2017. Trauhui then moved its company headquarters to the national Wujin high-tech zone. Currently, Trauhui group has a total investment capital of 140 million RMB

Being an established brand and guided by the demands of customers in China and the world, Trauhui prides itself as a high-tech innovation company, thus forming a team professional Orthopeadic R&D team in the year 2013. Now, the team has grown to nearly 20 people and most of the researchers are backed with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. At the same time, Trauhui is also increasing its investment in research and development, focusing on setting up a specialized Orthopeadic experiment center, assembling a professional dynamic & static mechanics experiment equipment, improve materials testing equipment and 3D printing devices. Throughout the years of Trauhui research and development, it has won over 20 kinds of invention and utility model patents. At present, Trauhui products have been sold to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and other regions. Trauhui products are highly praised by the Orthopeadic professionals in the region above.

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