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Osteobionics Sdn. Bhd. is an Orthopaedic medical device distribution company. We support local and outstation Orthopaedic surgeons with medical devices and other complementary products throughout Malaysia.

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Our Products

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Cottey MD Variable Angle Locking Plate System

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Ramic Intramedullary Nail Systems - Proximal Femoral Nail

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Canna Cannulated Screw System

Our Solution

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Get a hang of the extra support that our solution can provide

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Hand & Wrist

Get back the agility and accelerate the healing process

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Hip & Thigh

Our solutions are built to hold and support bones as they heal

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Foot & Ankle

Barely feel the extra weight that our products support inside

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A quality product that feels like part of your body

Our medical implants are made of high grade titanium and alloy. It is harder and lighter than steel, which helps to keep your bone structure tight, yet giving ample strength for growth.

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