Hip and Thigh

Our hip and thigh solutions are designed to temporarily support your bones during healing, giving strong structural support, while light enough to not feel that it is there.


  • Low profile design of plate and screw minimizes soft tissue irritation
  • Highly polished surface and rounded edges minimize the potential tendon adhesion
  • Locking and compression function can be achieved simultaneously by a locking-compression hole.
  • Innovative Variable Angle Locking Design allows both fixed angle and variable angle locking.
  • Obtains better mechanical properties compared to traditional locking-compression design.
  • Anatomical design makes optimal fit in bone.
  • Manufactured using commercially pure titanium (ISO 5832-2, ASTM F67) and alloy (ISO 5832-3, ASTM F1472)

Our Hip and Thigh products

Proximal Lateral Femur Plates

Femur Straight Plates

In-Operation Examples

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