Hand and Wrist

Our hand and wrist solutions are designed to temporarily support bones during healing, giving strong structural support, while light enough to not feel that it is there.


  • Low profile design of plate and screw minimizes soft tissue irritation
  • Highly polished surface and rounded edges minimize the potential tendon adhesion
  • Locking and compression function can be achieved simultaneously by a locking-compression hole.
  • Innovative Variable Angle Locking Design allows both fixed angle and variable angle locking.
  • Obtains better mechanical properties compared to traditional locking-compression design.
  • Anatomical design makes optimal fit in bone.
  • Manufactured using commercially pure titanium (ISO 5832-2, ASTM F67) and alloy (ISO 5832-3, ASTM F1472)

Our Hand and Wrist products

2.4 Distal Radius Volar Plates 8 holes head

Distal Medial Humeral Plates

2.4 Distal Radius Volar Plates 9 holes head

Distal Posterior/Lateral Humeral Plates

Ulna Radius Straight Plates

In-Operation Examples

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